Marvis Toothpaste Flavour Box


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Marvis is an Italian toothpaste brand that adds a touch of luxury to your daily dental care routine. With their unique flavors and creamy textures, Marvis toothpaste stands out from the ordinary. The stylish retro design of the tubes complements the overall experience, making Marvis a truly luxurious choice.

Marvis toothpaste is favored by design-conscious customers worldwide and can be found in the bathrooms of upscale hotels such as Hotel Bowery in New York and Mama Shelter in Paris.

The Marvis Flavour Box offers seven different flavor variations in convenient toothpaste tubes, making them easy to pack. It's the perfect gift for adding an extra touch of luxury to your daily routine or for someone you care about!

Contains 7 x 25 ml tubes:

- 25ml Marvis Classic Strong Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Aquatic Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Ginger Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Jasmin Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Whitening Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Cinnamon Mint Tandpasta
- 25ml Marvis Licorice Mint Tandpasta




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