CND Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Lotion

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CND Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Lotion is a rich and moisturizing lotion that smells of lavender and jojoba. This softening lotion quickly absorbs the skin, giving a refreshed and silky feel. It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin A and Aloe Vera, which belongs to the skin's extra moisture. Its delicate scent combined with the moisturizing formula ensures a delicious result that makes your dry skin radiate again. CND Lavender & Jojoba Lotion is a practical small size that fits perfectly in your bag while on the go. Moisturizing lotion For hands and body Fragrances of lavender and jojoba Works quickly on the skin Gives a silky feel Convenient size Perfect for the move Application: Massage into hands and/or body as needed.

59 ML




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