CND On The Go RescueRXx Pen


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The award-winning CND ™ RescueRxx ™ contains ingredients to help repair, moisturize and care for your nails. Any damage to the nail will be repaired using just a single twist on the pen - a system developed for controlled and effective application. This is a "must-have" in the everyday bag, to ensure beautiful and resilient nails on the go. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ rebuilds and repairs damaged nails and is the rescue when you need quick help for nails that are very dry nails that easily break or floss. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ in a hands-on pen provides a fast, simple and controlled application with less product consumption, and shows noticeable difference in a few days. Application: CND ™ RescueRxx ™ should be applied to a natural nail without nail polish. Apply as nail polish and gently massage in. Apply 2-3 times daily for up to 4 weeks. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ should not be applied to the skin. Use RescueRxx ™ with SolarOil ™ for best results. RescueRxx ™ does not replace the need for oil. Allow RescueRxx ™ to work for at least 30 minutes before washing your hands or using SolarOil ™.

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