CND Essentials Cuticle Eraser


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Cuticle Eraser softens, micropeels and removes dry cuticles and skin around the nails with A.H.A acid (alpha hydrixod). It is therefore ideal for dry and frayed cuticles, and can be used on both hands and feet. Cuticle Eraser can be used with SolarOil and can handle even the worst cases of dry skin. Nourishing cuticle cream is good for nail biters and people with a tendency to ugly cuticles. If you are dealing with overproduction of cuticles, this cream is ideal for you. Here's how you do it:

Massage a small amount of Cuticle Eraser into the nail and surrounding skin about once daily on hard skin. For fine skin, the product can be used a couple of times a week instead. For extra moisture, use the product with your SolarOil. Put a small dot of Cuticle Eraser at the base of the nail with a drop of SolarOil - gently massage into the nails and the surrounding skin.

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