BALMAIN Professional straightener

Balmain Paris

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BALMAIN Professional Straightener is ideal for versatile styling, whether you want to create voluminous curls or achieve silky-smooth, straight hair. The floating titanium plates make styling easy and leave your hair with a shiny and healthy finish. This flat iron delivers precise temperatures, ensuring the best results without damaging the hair. It heats up to 210°C

Backstage Secret:
How to create waves Hold the iron at a right angle from your head with one hand on the handle and the other on the end grips. Now, twist the iron halfway under the hair. Slowly slide it down 3-4 cm. Stop and twist it halfway in the opposite direction. Now, slide the iron down 3-4 cm. Repeat this zigzag motion along the length of the hair to create beautiful flowing waves.

How to create curls Start by dividing the hair. Take a 2-3 cm wide strand of hair at the bottom of the neck. Place the iron vertically at the root, twist it half a turn, and wrap it around the hair through the iron. Don't hold the straightener too tightly, or it will be difficult to work through the hair. Continue with the technique moving upwards to create a naturally curly look that is soft and bouncy.




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