BALMAIN Moisturizing styling cream

Balmain Paris

339,00 DKK

Prepare hair with Pre Styling Cream that gives perfect grip for styling, curling and blow-drying. The cream can also be used to refresh yesterday’s curls. It helps control static electricity and fly-aways. Adds shine and volume, as well as perfect workable hold. The ultimate base for any hairstyle.

pH: Neutral
Pakkestørrelse: 150 ml


Hold:                  ● ○ ○○ ○ ○
Shine:                ● ● ● ○ ○ ○
Formål:              ○Prime  ●Prep  ●Finish
Hårtype:            ○Fine  ●Normal  ●Thick  ●Short  ●Half  ●Long  
Køn:                   ○Women  ○Men  ●Unisex
Base:                 ●Waterbased  ○Oil based
Ingredienser:     ●Sulfate free   ●Paraben free 



Add small amount to dry/moist hair, spread throughout length to hair ends.


  •  Day cream for your hair
  •  Gives perfect hold, definition and volume
  •  Decreases drying time
  •  Perfect to refresh the look; adds softness without losing hold


Women with all types of hair and men with need for perfect hold and definition (comparable with a grooming cream). Men who want to nurture and give definition to the hair without using a regular styling product.


Matt, satin like finished looks, natural looks, polished, smooth looks, bouncy, full and nurtured hair. All-round product for perfectly natural polished hair. Gives elasticity to the hair, makes it easier to style.

Backstage secret:

  • Use a small amount on extreme fine hair in order to prevent the hair becoming heavy. · Apply to wet hair to reduce the drying time when blow drying.
    · Prep hair before blowdry to give fullness, protection and reduce fly aways.
    · Define your look with the Pre Styling Cream and fixate with the Session Spray Strong.




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