CND Remover Wraps 10 pk


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Patented Foil Remover Wraps ™ are used to dissolve SHELLAC® in a clean, convenient and easy way. The wraps are designed to fit around a finger and ensure that they sit and do not fall off. A cotton pad is built into the package, which must be wetted with CND Nourising RemoverTM, which subsequently ensures that SHELLAC® is dissolved gently and does not come in contact with the skin. Once the Nourishing Remover ™ has been in contact with SHELLAC® for the recommended removal time, the Remover Wraps are removed by grasping the thumb and forefinger around the wrapper, and with a slight twist loosen the SHELLAC® from the nail for easy removal. If there are some leftover parts of SHELLAC® on the nail, put Remover Wraps on the nail a few minutes more, so that the rest is removed. Finish wiping the nail with CND Nourising Remover ™ with a nail wipe. Removes SHELLAC® safely and easily from the nail plate, without bothering the surrounding skin. Minimise the exposure of Nourishing Remover on skin, nails and fingers. It keeps the liquid for a quicker and gentler removal, which results in far less dehydration of the natural nail. It gives the customer freedom of movement during the process. COURSE OF ACTION: For pedicure treatments, SHELLAC® Remover Wraps can be used on all toes. The natural nail does not damage when SHELLAC® is removed. SHELLAC® has been developed and tested for several years to adapt and make every step of the SHELLAC® treatment perfect, including the removal process. However, it is necessary to take into account existing damage to the natural nail before application. SHELLAC® can easily last more than 14+ days, it's just a matter of not being well after 14 days due to the growth. The taper can take longer after 14 days as the bond becomes stronger with time. Always use SolarOil ™ after removing SHELLAC®.




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