CND Essentials RescueRXx Mini

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Rebuild and repair damaged nails with the Danish Beauty Award winner, RescueRXx ™. RescueRXx ™ is the recovery when your nails need urgent help and they are damaged, cracking or breaking easily. In just a few days a difference can be seen. This nail cure is a wonderful product that all women should try.


-Shake the bottle thoroughly before use

-Brush on like a nail polish and gently massage in

-Remember the tip of the nail

-RescueRxx ™ should not apply to the skin

-RescueRxx ™ should be used on the natural nail with no nail polish on

-Used 2-3 times daily for up to 4 weeks. For best results, use RescueRxx ™ with SolarOil ™ nail oil

-RescueRxx ™ does not replace the need for oil

-Let RescueRxx ™ work for 30 min. After application before exposing the nail to water or SolarOil ™

Main ingredients:

-Keratin protein: Main ingredient in the natural nail. Dissolved natural keratin proteins (extracted from wool) bind to the natural nail, thus strengthening the nail plate.

-Jojoba oil: A light penetrating oil that nourishes the nail plate and the surrounding skin and imparts its moisturizing properties.

-Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizes and softens the nail so it retains its flexibility and resilience.

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