BALMAIN Styling gel maximum hold

Balmain Paris

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A lightweight, versatile styling gel for strong and long-lasting hold. Suits for wet-look finish. Easy to wash out due to water-soluble ingredients. Suits men and women. Lightweight long-lasting hold for wet or dry looks.

Hold:                  ● ● ● ● ● ●
Shine:                ● ● ● ● ○ ○
Purpose:           ○Prime  ●Prep  ●Finish
Hairtype:           ○Fine  ○Normal  ●Thick  ●Short  ●Half Long  ○Long
Gender:             ○Women  ○Men  ●Unisex
Base:                  ●Waterbased  ○Oil based
Ingredients:       ●Sulfate free   ●Paraben free


Massage between your palms before application and apply to dry or moist hair.


  •  Long-lasting hold
  •  Wet or dry hairstyles
  •  Water-based
  •  Non-flexible
  •  Ultimate root enhancer


Men with a short haircut, women with sharp haircuts, women with long hair for max volume


Long lasting sleek back look, Sleek wavy hairstyles, Sleek back ponytails, for a fierce look High shine finish. Long lasting hold. Non flaky.

Backstage secret:

  •  The more gel you use, the stronger the effect will be.
  •  Apply on wet hair for a fixed and strong look.
  •  Apply on dry hair for an elastic effect, fix the hair afterwards with Session Spray Strong.
  •  Nourish and prepare the hair with Pre Styling Cream before using the Gel for an instant root lift.
  •  Use in combination with the Professional Infrared Blowdryer for an ultimate rootlift.
  •  Use to tame frizzy hair for a perfect sleek back Catwalk Ponytail.

100 mL




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